Over the coming months we'll be announcing a full list of 'Cosplay guests & Events' - we'll be having at the show.

ICC(international Charity Cosplayers)

International Charity Cosplayers was founded in 2014 by John Nursall.

"We have brought together like minded Cosplayers from all over the country to help raise money for charities at events and comic cons up and down the UK. Since 2014 we have grown to almost 150 members and gained ambassadors from the world of TV and film with the likes a Peter Shinkoda and Zara Pythian from the Marvel Entertainment Universe, Miltos Yerolemou from Game Of Thrones, Paul Warren and Phil Hodges from Star Wars and Martin Ballantyne form Batman and also Stunt performer Rob Ho .

As we continue to grow we hope to raise as much money as possible for our chosen charities and keep bringing smiles to the faces of people everywhere."

Supporter for 2017 Mesmereyez


Back for their second year is the East Midlands Garrison. EMG are a small group of passionate Star Wars enthusiasts who love trooping. They also a mini garrison that tend to follow them around (mainly because they our kids) including Lil Annekin, Jawas, Lil Leia and an Ewok.

EMG will be out and about at the event this June patrolling the queues and keeping order inside.

Don’t be shy asking for photos as they love to pose with you!


I have been cosplaying since 2009 and have been to many convention across England and abroad including Paris and America cosplaying as characters mostly from Anime I've also cosplayed from Film, Comics and games. I’ve learnt many skills through cosplay from makeup and sewing to wig styling, I love helping new people get into the hobby and enjoy sharing my experience with others.

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Photograph credits – Papercube Photography, Aleskop Photography and Ismiaella Cosplay
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