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The Swan Princess is originally based upon the folk tale and ballet, Swan Lake. The story is transformed into a playfully fun adventure with exciting music, lovable forest friends, and of course, the handsome Prince Derek in an animated series of films. The Swan Princess, Odette, continues to embody the authentic fairy tale princess with her grace, loyalty and commitment to kindness. Odette was the #1 princess in the United States upon her original release in 1994.

Her adventures continue with The Secret of the Castle (1997), The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure (1998), The Swan Princess Christmas (2012) and A Royal Family Tale (2014). In this fifth episode, Princess Alise joins Odette and Derek's charming royal family. The adventures of Princess Alise and her friend, Lucas, can be experienced in The Swan Princess:  Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today (2016), The Swan Princess Royally Undercover (2017) and will continue in the 8th feature film coming to DVD and digital in 2018.

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The Movie Reliquary sells displays and frames containing genuine props and costume swatches from some of the biggest films and TV shows ever.

They specifically cater for the 'affordable' end of the market with displays containing genuine items for under £50 though they do sell much rarer and more costly items for a lot more.

All their items come with certificates of authenticity detailing the origin and provenance of every single piece. They'll be at the show with items for sale from at least 25 different films and shows including: Star Wars Episode 4, Star Wars Episode 6, Iron Man, The Hulk, Star Trek TNG, Pirates of the Caribbean, Casino Royale, Stargate SG1, Dr Who, Batman - The Dark Knight, Breaking Bad, Serenity, Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone and many more.


The Father of American LitRPG, Dr Aleron Kong, is introducing Derby Comicon to LitRPG for the first time!

Tamori Publications has supplied his award winning series, along with the works of several other renowned authors, from the LitRPG Universe.

LitRPG brings you gaming in a format you've never before seen!

Epic worlds and Adventure in the palm of your hand!

Merchandise, and amazing new fantasy worlds, will be available on the day. "Don't play the game.... Read the game!"


Parallel Worlds have been trading in POP Culture since the mid 1990s. Their range of products is extensive and varied and includes action figures, POP! Vinyl’s, graphic novels and trading cards.

They are familiar faces on the comic-con scene traveling the country supporting both large and small events.




Emma was possessed 15+ years ago which lead to a serious addiction to fanatical Silk Screen Printing.

4 years ago The Twisted Teapot was born which helped her through her illness and she now only prints 8 hours a day!!!!

Trading for 4 years she prides herself on producing top notch quality, hand printed Unique Designs which will last a lifetime.

An absolute must for true fans of Cult Movie, Horror, Sci Fi and hit TV Shows.

“ I love watching customers guess which Show/Movie the shirts are from……..” the problem is which one to get to show off to your mates!!


Chris is a Nottingham-based illustrator and has recently worked on book illustrations for Ransom Publishing and Bloomsbury. He has worked on many small press comics since the mid 1990’s and in 2015 he illustrated the graphic novel Abominable Glory (a WW2 / Bigfoot mash-up written by Martin Hayes) for Markosia, and Older Than The Hills for Aces Weekly.

He writes and draw the weekly webcomic U’Grot and also sell a range of posters and original art through his Etsy store.

website link


Paperthin Comics started an eBay seller that has grown using social media over the last two years. Now venturing into the live venues they have racked up an amazing customer following by bringing first issue comics at first rate prices. #theheroisinthename


If like me as a kid Lego was your thing (and you never got out of it as an adult) then you’ll be pleased to know that Lord of the Brick will be in attendance. Specialising in personal and different Lego items you are bound to find something that catches your eye.

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Peter Cooper has been a fan and collector of Doctor Who items for the last 45yrs.

He now frequents comic con and conventions dealing on a regular basis specialising in rare and collectable Doctor Who toys, figures and books.


Yumiland are online shop offering handmade steampunk hats, Victorian jewellery, cosplay wigs and other accessories.

Please feel free to visit their website, Facebook and Instagram.


Carolyn has been working as a professional freelance artist for over 17 years. She specialises in traditional portraiture paintings and cartoons.  She has provided officially licensed artwork for Star Wars, Doctor Who, Buffy, Star Trek and many others.

Her client list includes:  Tenth Planet, Rittenhouse Archives, Topps Inc, Breygent Marketing, and Cryptozoic, Big Finish, BBC books. She is currently providing cover artwork for Titan Comics.  Her work has featured in many charity anthologies, and fanzines, and in private publications, such as Tanith Lee's final book of short stories in 2015 - 'Blood 20'.

Her artwork is in private collections around the world.


Mild mannered graphic designers by day, crime fighting super stationery creators by night. Heroes for Hire present a super selection of collectible hero inspired business cards, paying homage to the alter egos of your favourite superheroes, for just a few of your earth credits you too can be Tony Stark, Matt Murdock or Bruce Banner.

Plus new for 2017, Heroes for Hire presents 'Go Figure!'.
Customised, personalised and unique retro mini figures and packaging.
Each item is reproduced using genuine vintage figures and super accurate retro blister packs, housed in a fantastic Star Case for display purposes.

So if you've got a yearning to be a Yak Face or a desire to be a Dengar come and see us!


Ryan Button is a random bald bearded illustrator from Leicester who has produced works for various companies from Sony, Titan Magazine and Sanxion Digital.

On the side he likes to create 80s nostalgia works featuring Transformers, He-Man, Thundercats and Ninja Turtles in the form of prints and greeting cards.

Official Website:


Stu Perrins is the British Comic Awards nominated writer and creator of Whatever happened to the Archetype?, Prime and Demonic Advisory Centre. He has worked with such publishers as Insane Comics and WP Comics and has had his work appear in FutureQuake and The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel.

Follow him on twitter at @stuperrins


If back issues and rare comics are your thing then you need look no further than Pete’s Comics. Stocking a wide range of titles from the most popular publishers to the very weird and wonderful they will no doubt be able to satisfy your reading needs.


We are a sole trader offering everything from retro gaming to modern gaming, Manga, trading card and much more.

We do our best to make sure you get quality products, I will not sell something that I wouldn't buy myself. A lot of the stock is from my personal collection and there are some very sought after items.

Feel free to have a look through our current stock at look via folders as there is a couple of folders of sold items, this will avoid disappointment. If you find something you would like, I can hold an item for you.

And just in case you run short of cash, we have a PayPal card reader so you can pay via all cards. We hope to see you all there and will be as hyped as we are!


Eatmypaint is a fun web comic that’s all drawn in Microsoft Paint! A comic that started with making imaginative stories inspired by funny tweets, it has now grown into its own weekly strip, where it’s unique brand of humour and lovely style has seen it featured on the front page of Reddit multiple times.

We have a really neat, super-duper comic book which will be available at Derby Comic Con 2017. It contains 8 episodes of tweets into comics, plus exclusive stories not seen on the internet!


Getting Personal With Prints is a Nottingham based organisation who specialise in the different and unique. We were established last year, and inspired by a one off frame that we put together depicting a rare Lego Joker mini figure, which was a gift for a friend. The frame was posted on Facebook and just took off, and we started producing a range of themed and personalised frames from then on. The Joker has remained our icon and inspiration and joins us at all our events, as well as being the face of our enterprise.

Our speciality and best selling products are our bespoke mini figure frames, many of which we personalise for specific events or to individual customer requirements. This year saw the launch of our horror splatter frame range, in time for the Halloween festivities, which are based on some of the most well known horror icons of all time, encased in a blood soaked box frame. We have been selling these at a range of craft fair events in the East Midlands, as well as in our concession at The Yards outlet in Kettering, Northants and via our Facebook page.

All parts used are genuine Lego pieces, with high quality decal prints, I'm sure you will agree they look truly fantastic!!


Selling custom aged blueprint designs of famous film and tv vehicles and ships.
Original Polygon and Scribble portraits, commissions taken.
Murals and design work and film prints.

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Unusual gifts for fans of comics, TV and Movies. Retro or modern.
If you like to buy something different, maybe a little quirky or geeky then New Frontier Gifts are the stall to head for – as you can see from their pictures they stock a wide range of goodies to suit everyone’s taste.

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